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My first game on Newgrounds

2014-05-23 19:28:38 by 4curtis4

Hey everyone, its been a while! The reason I'm posting today is because I've released the first demo for my first game, Guresaka Purashi! I've been waiting for the HTML5 exporter price to drop for GameMaker: Studio, and it has. Y'know, ever since I joined this site years ago I've wanted to submit something I've created, something to give back to the community which gave me loads of fun games to play, and today I have that chance.

The title is still in very early stages, as you'll be able to see if you play it, but please be fair on it because it isn't anywhere near finished. =P Have fun!!


I'm back, maybe.

2013-09-26 09:50:22 by 4curtis4

I know I was probably as known as an ant back when I used Newgrounds in 07 and 08, but I was reminded this place existed yesterday and decided to come back. I don't know how often I'll be here or even sign in, but... Yea.